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Currently Lumeniki (capitalized) is this wiki. However Lumenos has designed this wiki's policies to allow it to be easily forked in the unlikely event that anyone else wants to create their own lumeniki that they can administer without Lumenos' oversite. It is presently more of a model for anarcho-libertarianism, that may be incorporated into real wiki's such as Wikinfo, Wikipedia, etc.


[edit] Forms of lumenikis

[edit] A lumeniki (not capitalized)

When "lumeniki" is not capitalized, it is not a proper noun. It refers to any wikiforum devoted to lumenism.

[edit] Lumeniki (capitalized)

"Lumeniki" (capitalized) is a proper noun. It refers to the most recent content of all lumenikis. E pluribus unum. So long as the diverging consensus groups have not created their own lumeniki's, Lumeniki refers to the most recent content of one wiki.

"Other articles may not be up to date so if I wrote 'Lumeniki'. I may have meant a lumenikilu. Lumenos 16:38, July 3, 2009 (UTC) " Any reference to policy should be made about a lumenikilu, not Lumeniki, because Lumeniki is open to collaborative governance and thus Lumenos no longer make claims about its eventual policies. See lumenikilu or lumenikilu policies for more details.

[edit] Lumeniki suffixes

[edit] Lu (suffix)

The "lu" suffix, appended to a lumeniki word, like "Lumeniki1lu", denotes a lumeniki administered by Lumenos according to eir preferred policies. One of these preferred policies is that it be administered by consensus or forked, therefore if a community develops, Lumeniki1lu will acquire a new suffix in place of "lu" and what has been said about the policies of a lumenikilu may not be true of the lumeniki1 which is governed by more people.

[edit] Ref (suffix)

The "ref" suffix, appended to a lumeniki word, like "Lumeniki1ref", denotes a lumeniki at Referata. Lumeniki1ref is Lumeniki1 only when it is at . Older versions of Lumeniki1 are at and in which case they are not Lumeniki1ref. If there is another lumeniki established at Referata it may be named "Lumeniki2ref".

[edit] Lumeniki1

Lumeniki1 is currently at with mirror backups at and . Lumeniki1 refers to the content of the most recent revision of these wikis. Currently, the 'most recent revision' of these wikis will be found at . If there is a new lumeniki or a fork of lumeniki1, it may be called Lumeniki2. It is not decided which fork will get to call itself Lumeniki1 if both want this title. Maybe the larger one or maybe the one at the original site (because it can't be moved/renamed without breaking any external links that were made to it). If there are not likely to be many sites linking to the original site (or if these links can be easily fixed, the original site may be used only as a porthole to the other two wikis, Lumeniki1 and Lumeniki2. They may prefer to use different names. They may use the original site only for content they have reached consensus on. Any of these may be used as sister wikis of any of the others. There may be (other) ways of creating redirect articles from one wiki to another. (This would be a nice feature to incorporate articles from big wikis "into" Lumeniki.)

See also: lumenikilu policies

[edit] LumenikiArc

The Arc suffix refers to archived content available from the history tab at the top of every article.

[edit] Lumenikidealu

Lumenikidealu is a theoretically ideal form of Lumeniki where the primary lumeniki describes/follows the broadest consensus (on the lumeniki policy, administration, and content) while for any beliefs/policies/administration where consensus cannot be reached, there are template messages at the tops of the appropriate articles/sections to the articles/sections/lumenetis of the various consensus groups. The lumenotable consensus groups present their suggested edits for review by the other notable consensus groups. When these edits are approved by all groups they are added to the primary lumeniki. Alternatively they may add their edits to the primary lumeniki and editors from the other consensus groups may move them to the secondary lumenikis, if they believe them to be representing only these consensus groups.

Lumenikis may use the sister wiki feature of some wiki hosts to link them to other lumenikis or other wikis.

[edit] Lumeniki analogs

[edit] Lumeneti

Lumeneti refers to all content of all lumenikis plus any webpage (eg forum thread) that the lumenikis link to.

See lumenoti.

[edit] Creating and naming lumenikis

See lumenikilu policies.

[edit] Why create other lumenikis

New lumenikis may be created for the following reasons:

  • Someone wants to edit a lumeniki but cannot reach a consensus with its administrators as to what should be included where. They can create a new lumeniki to represent their divergent interests, a new organizational structure, or a new (political) decision making process for their lumeniki. They will almost certainly be allowed to create links in any lumenikilu, to a lumeniki that they administrate.
  • A new host or software is found to be more suitable for Lumeniki.

[edit] Wiki hosts and software

[edit] Wiki software

Lumenos is pretty set on using MediaWiki for the collaborative software just because it gives me the option of three wiki farms, plus Wikia as a last resort.

[edit] Free wiki farms

It is easy to create wikis at these places; they don't even ask for any personal information besides perhaps an email address. All Lumenos did was sign up and start editing from the main page. I don't want to use Wikia because the content must be licensed under the GFDL but if others prefer GFDL, I may start a lumeniki there or edit/move some articles there.

Anyone is free to use appropriate articles in a lumenikilu to link to another lumeniki, wiki, or website with lumenotable content, irregardless of whether Lumenos otherwise agrees with any opinions, perceptions, or motives expressed there. See comparison of wiki farms or

Lumenikis may use the sister wiki feature of some wiki hosts, to link them to other lumenikis or other wikis.

[edit] The philosophy of Lumeniki

[edit] Enlumenment and lumenation

Enlumenment refers to the movement of information in LumenikiAnim to lumenation, where it enables benefits. The true Lumenati are supposed to be (by one definition) proficient at attaining lumenation.

[edit] Theological (hypothetical) ideals

Lumenikideal is similar to an omnibenevolent world optimized for the benefit called freedom/consent. In Mief, Lumenikideal is analogous to the overworld and Lumenosiki would be like the subworld of Lumenos. Lumenosiki describes Lumenos' perception of reality, particularly where it diverges from the "consensus reality" of other lumenists.

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