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[edit] History and future of Lumeniki1

[edit] The fall of ScribbleWiki

" Lumenos 20:04, February 6, 2009 (UTC) I'm probably the only editor presently. I had moved this wiki to ScibbleWiki and done much more work on it, however ScribbleWiki has shut down... although our data is completely safe... somewhere. The very Angela Beesley (no relation to Pam, I'm told) descended to warn us that our sites were disappearing from Google cache.

[edit] Backups with MediaWiki

I actually have everything backed up, however I was unaware that MediaWiki allows us to download the entire wiki in an xml format that can be uploaded all at once to another MediaWiki host. In the left column see Special Pages / Page tools / Export pages. I wonder if it can be done incrementally.

[edit] Where to put Lumeniki1

The main site for Lumeniki1 is Referata but I copy mirrors to and Wiki-site to test my backups of the Referata wiki.

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