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The Lumenist Hotseat is when lumenist researchers grill someone with critical questions and display this publicly (if this is not done automatically, as with an online forum). This is done with their consent.

[edit] Andy

Reigning Champion of the Lumenist Hotseat is Andy of . See the brutal torture unfold in solar power and heat.

Lumenos has been unable to determine whether Andy is in fact still on the Lumenist Hotseat at the present time. Andy may be doing more lumenotable research than answering Lumenos' questions and therefore he may in fact be battling even more ferocious demons of ikilumen. Or Andy's subconscious mind may be fooling him into thinking he doesn't care about his status in Lumeniki, and he can maybe go get a burger, or take a walk in the park, in which case he is no longer on the Lumenist Hotseat, although still Reigning Champion, for now anyway (hint hit).

[edit] Those (OVERPRICED) soldier grub equipment dealers

Past contestants include grub bin dealers, geeDub and rolivier. Gosh how I wish I had the strength to link to Dubya's website. (It was getting a little hot for them so Lumenos is giving them some time to regroup, lest ey be excommunicated.) See the threads:

If BSFL are fed putrid waste, can they contain unsafe levels of botulinum toxin?

BSFL food that is not suitable for poultry

Can't edit posts no more :( Is it my fault? Here is the discussion after GeeDub commits the unfathomable sin of placing propaganda advertising ikilumen in a lumenist post. Lumenos has no choice but to unleash the Three Great Cowboys to defend lumenist honor and cyberspace territory (see last post).

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