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[edit] Ebay Chinese Mp4 player from long ago

I bought an MP4 player years ago. (I apologize, I should have updated this sooner. I've been busy with the prospect of new, better solar power using a steam engine lately, but I don't have as good an excuse for the time before a week ago, except that I don't know if many people even read the Wikipedia discussion page or my criticism at Wikinfo.)

The main update is just that the third party software did not make the player stable as I had claimed. Now I don't know what convinced me that it could hold 2 GB. Upon further testing I realized it still had a "faked capacity" even though the capacity as reported by Windows was changed from 4GB to 2GB by the third party software. This adds some evidence to the possibility that the player was simply a bad egg and did not have an intentionally faked capacity. (BTW, I bought another one of these from Ebay. This time it claims to be 8GB and they are selling in the $20 range. Review on this coming soon.)

There are a few possibilities:

  • The MP4 player intentionally has a faked capacity. Note, this does not mean that the Ebay sellers are necessarily aware of this. Last I checked there were only a few Ebay sellers dominating this market, and selling massive quantities in only few models. It is difficult to imagine these sellers wouldn't be aware if a majority (or significant number) of these devices have faked capacities, especially after all this time and publicity.
  • The MP4 player was one that happened to have defective storage space, but most are not like this. Evidence supporting this theory:
    • Many of the Ebay sellers had mostly positive ratings including the one I bought from.
  • The player was damaged by trying to reformat. I wouldn't think this should damage a player.

This is copied from the Fatwallet review on the tiny Chinese MP3 player, "Last time I bought an mp4 player it seemed to have a faked capacity. With my last Chinese MP4 player, reformatting did not make it display the correct filesize even when I used the tools I talk about in the following links (although it seemed to be more stable, I think there was a problem like if you try to move a folder it copied it instead, or something like that). The MP4 player I had, the amount of data it could hold (as Windows reported) kept changing, even though Windows always said it is about 1.80 GB. Files just won't copy to it. I thought it was "fixed" (as I said in the link) but it was not. It would only hold around 500 MB, this went down to less than 400 MB."

These links have the information I am updating in this article. (Someday I may get around to updating the information in the Wikipedia and Wikinfo but I'm too busy now.):

[edit] Focalprice tiny Chinese mp3 player (available as of June 26, 2009)

Lumenos received two of these. They are $13 bucks each, shipped. Lumenos put an earily review here (this wiki section has an update):

It hopefully has a rechargeable battery since it doesn't look easy to open and it is too small for an AAA. Turning off the player means it will start from the same song and you can't change song any faster than pushing the button. This means it may as well have less storage space unless you want to push the advance/reverse buttons up to 300 times when you turn it on.

After some tests there are problems with at least one of the players and probably one of the specialized USB cords. The player wouldn't hold the full capacity. Tried reformatting but one is still having problems.

Two times when one of the players was turned off, Windows looks like the player is being unpluged and replugged periodically. Like a loose connection. This may be due to a faulty cable.

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