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(If anyone knows how to make MediaWiki display text like it appears in the edit window, please let me know. Just write the answer right here if you like.)

A note outline is a lumenati invention designed to be the most efficient way to create an infinitely organizable outline for notes. Note outlines have the following attributes:

  • The top headings of the outline are indicated with a hyphen/minus symbol "-" at the beginning of the line. This lets the reader know that any line that is not indented, is not a top level heading unless it begins with the minus symbol.
  • Subheadings are made with one space for each level of the subheading, much like any outline.
  • Text editors should be set to replace tabs with spaces and indent only one space for tabs. This can be done in Windows with Notepad++ or Metapad. In Linux it can be done with Kate. These text editors are also able to tab-in (select and press tab) or tab-out (shift tab) entire sections at a time. They allow you to drag and drob selections. These features enable you to quickly move sections and reorder headings anywhere you choose. Folding is possible with JEdit, if sections become too large. Otherwise you have to move things to new documents so sections are not too large.
  • Depends on word wrap to keep lines from running out to the right of the visable window.
  • Only basic (ASCI?) characters. No "smart quotes", special formating, etc.
  • No numbering or lettering is used for the outline headings because this requires too much effort and they would have to be redone if any part of the outline is reordered, unless perhaps software is found that creates these numbers automagically, but the other purpose is so that the outline is readable on the most basic devices, such as a cheap MP4 player.
  • They look all messed up when you put them in a MediaWiki article because it makes those boxes if there is a space at the beginning of a line, instead of displaying a space (ie indenting the line). The "nowiki command" doesn't prevent this.

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