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Lumenos is the administrator and currently the only editor of Lumeniki.

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KnowBrainer forum (speech recognition stuff)

[edit] BOINC

I started a BOINC team called Touch Deprivation Awareness. BOINC is quite easy to install and run. You can download it here. You can join a team after you join a project, but the team will only be available through a project, if the team founder has joined that project. I donate processor power to projects having a medical application, but if you want to join this team on a different project, put a message on my wiki user talk page, and I will join the project of your choice. Here are the projects where team Touch Deprivation Awareness is currently available to join:

Active: Rosetta POEM@Home Spinhenge@home

Active but out of work currently: malaria control boincsimap

The Touch Deprivation Awareness team currently links to but if I ever get around to it, I will have the team link to articles analyzing Dr. Prescott's claims in more detail, with dissenting theories represented. My personal feeling is that there is very little certainty in psychology/sociology, but these claims seem notable and plausible nonetheless.

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