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A wikiforum is an invention of Lumenos to use wiki software like it is also an Internet forum. Questions are posted in their own section or subsections. It's like the Wikipedia if you could put questions and speculation in the articles, when the answers aren't there.

Differences/advantages of a wikiforum over an Internet forum:

  • A wikiforum allows information to be reorganized as new things are learned. This is to allows more useful information to be separated instead of buried.

Differences/advantages of a wikiforum over the typical wiki:

  • Author's are able to get credit for their work by letting them "spam" the wiki with their clickable username which is also providing the source of the information. Forum software has this "advantage", but does not allow the information to be organized for better use.
  • Instead of trying to make the wiki sound like a single authoritative source, like an encyclopedia, a wikiforum aims to have current, revelavent information (the type of information that is often available in wikis or forums) that should not be trusted without evidence.
  • Wikiforums treat all or some editors of the wiki as sources, to be evaluated for their reliability. (In LumenikiLu) editors may get credit using a pseudonym or their real name, or may forgo credit and choose to be anonymous.)

A lumeniki is a wikiforum or wikiblog for lumenism. For advantages of this wiki over other wikis see LumenikiLu policies.

[edit] Quote yourself in the articles

"I want to communicate with people through the wiki, so the information is organized and others can find it if they have a similar question. Try to put your questions or comments in the article that they reference. If you want me to know you are editing this wiki, put a message on my discussion page so that I will get a notification when I log on. Then I will click 'Recent Changes' in the left column and see if you edited any article. For example, if you have a question about omnibenevolence, put it in the article called 'omnibenevolence'. If there is no article called omnibenevolence, create one. Lumenos 23:48, February 3, 2009 (UTC)"

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